book your escape

Welcome to Lake Hartwell State Prison. You and your friends botched a bank job, leading to some pretty lengthy prison sentences. One member of the group cracks, snitching on all the crimes you and the crew have committed in the past. Unfortunately for you and the others, you are all facing even more time. You have been reclassified and are being transferred to various maximum security facilities where an escape will be much more difficult. While in the transfer holding cells, you and the crew must breakout of the cells and navigate your way through the prison before you are loaded on the transfer bus in 60 minutes!

Difficulty: Hard

The residents of Hartwell are getting sick.. It has been traced back to a very suspicious infected rat population living within the sewers. Only one person is capable of creating something so terrible.. Dr. Melton, the town’s mad scientist. You must break into Dr. Melton’s lab, and find the cure before he returns!

Difficulty: Easy – Medium

After a long day of hiking Rough Creek Trail and swimming at the old swimming hole, you and your friends finally make it back to the car. When you put the key in the ignition, you quickly realize the car won’t start. One of your friends remembers seeing a flickering light off in the distance not far into the trail. You guys decide to see what it is, in hopes that maybe its someone that can help. When you get closer to the light, you notice its an old hunting cabin. You knock on the door, but no one answers. Tired of waiting, you reach for the door knob and give it a twist. Its unlocked. You and your friends enter into the cabin, hoping to find a way to call for help. Once everyone is in the cabin, the door slams shut. You try to open it, but it won’t budge. Little did you know, there has been a string of missing people in the area… could you be the next victim?

Difficulty: Medium

Please note: This room has a “horror” theme, and is a low light experience